SAFE-D Grant – State Allocation for Emergency Distribution

The Alaska Department of Health has allocated $1.68 million dollars to the Food Bank of Alaska, Fairbanks Community Food Bank, Southeast Alaska Food Bank, and Kenai Peninsula Food Bank to provide immediate relief in response to the SNAP backlog, fewer donations, and decline in federal
commodity programs. These funds will be distributed throughout the statewide anti-hunger network through bulk food purchase orders and pass through funding.

  • All Food Bank of Alaska partners will have access to food through our bulk food purchase orders and will be able to place orders through a link directly sent by FBA.
  • Partners receiving bulk food purchases will be required to report an estimate of the number of people served and how many pounds they are serving.
  • Local partners in Anchorage and the Mat-Su Valley will be able to pick up or get food dropped off depending on their capacity.
  • Communities without a current partner can apply for a limited partnership with us here.

Pass Through Funding

Pass through funding will only be available to existing Food Bank of Alaska partners off the road system and will act as a means to speed up the process of getting food into rural communities. Partners will be provided with up to $5,000 of one time funding depending on the number of people served. Pass through funding will be provided up front either digitally or by check. Partners funded will need to track the number of pounds and an estimate of people served and provide receipts for food purchased. Network partners will receive a signup link directly from FBA to apply for pass through funding.


For more information, please review our FAQ here.