Matson’s Generous Support of the Food Bank of Alaska

Four Matson employees wearing blue jackets and baseball hats walking along the coastal trail in early spring with trash pick-up bags and a dog. Turnagain Arm in the background and a bare trees in the foreground.

Matson’s Generous Support in 2023: Partnering with the Food Bank of Alaska to Feed Alaskans

The Food Bank of Alaska is profoundly grateful for Matson’s unwavering support. In 2023, Matson significantly increased its community contributions, donating $8.7 million to 738 charitable organizations. Of this, $2.5 million was dedicated to Food Security programs, highlighting their commitment to fighting hunger. In 2023, Matson contributed $137,000 to the Food Bank of Alaska, enhancing our ability to provide essential food resources to Alaskans in need. Their support, including discounted shipping services, is crucial for our operations in Alaska.

Broad Community Impact

Matson’s commitment extends beyond food security. They support disaster preparedness, environmental programs, and social equity initiatives. Last year, Matson contributed a total of $1.5 million in cash donations and in-kind services to more than 115 Alaska community organizations and nonprofit programs. This included funds directed by employees through their Matching Gift program, with primary recipients being environment, education, and health and social services programs.

Sustained Commitment

Matson’s multi-year commitment of $5 million, renewed in 2023, ensures ongoing support for food banks in Alaska, Hawaii, and Guam through 2026. This sustained support is vital for our long-term strategies to combat food insecurity.

Gratitude and Future Collaboration

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Matson and their employees for their incredible support. Matson shared on Facebook, “We aim to improve the quality of life in the communities we serve.” Matt Cox, Matson’s chairman and CEO, added, “Improving the communities in which we work and live has long been a core value of our company, and I want to commend the employees who serve on our Giving committees for their caring stewardship of this Matson tradition.”

Together, we are making strides toward a more food-secure future for all Alaskans. For more information on how you can support the Food Bank of Alaska or learn about Matson’s initiatives, please visit our website. Your support makes a difference.