P-EBT is a federal program administered by the State of Alaska.

Food Bank of Alaska passes along information from the state though these emails and posted to our webpage www.foodbankofalaska.org/pebt.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a schedule of benefits or know the timing but will continue to share information as we receive it. Staffing shortages are affecting processing times.

Summer benefits have been authorized and will be distributed after the school year 20-21 benefits have been issued. Please keep your card for future potential benefits.

12/31/2023 Update:

All districts have been issued both semesters for SY 20-21 except for 157 students on the duplicate list that require additional research.

The following schools have received Summer 2021 P-EBT:

DistrictSchool Name
Alaska Gateway School DistrictDot Lake School
Alaska Gateway School DistrictEagle Community School
Alaska Gateway School DistrictMentasta Lake School
Alaska Gateway School DistrictTanacross School
Alaska Gateway School DistrictTetlin School
Alaska Gateway School DistrictTok School
Alaska Gateway School DistrictWalter Northway School
Anchorage School DistrictAbbott Loop Elementary
Anchorage School DistrictAirport Heights Elementary
Anchorage School DistrictAurora Elementary
Anchorage School DistrictBartlett High School
Anchorage School DistrictBaxter Elementary
Anchorage School DistrictBirchwood ABC Elementary
Anchorage School DistrictCampbell STEM Elementary
Anchorage School DistrictCentral Middle School of Science
Anchorage School DistrictChester Valley Elementary
Anchorage School DistrictChinook Elementary
Anchorage School DistrictChugach Optional Elementary
Anchorage School DistrictChugiak Elementary
Anchorage School DistrictChugiak High School
Anchorage School DistrictCollege Gate Elementary
Anchorage School DistrictCreekside Park Elementary
Anchorage School DistrictDenali Montessori Elementary
Anchorage School DistrictDimond High School
Anchorage School DistrictEast High School
Anchorage School DistrictFairview Elementary
Anchorage School DistrictGirdwood School
Anchorage School DistrictGladys Wood Elementary
Anchorage School DistrictGovernment Hill Elementary
Anchorage School DistrictGruening Middle School
Anchorage School DistrictHomestead Elementary
Anchorage School DistrictHuffman Elementary
Anchorage School DistrictInlet View Elementary
Anchorage School DistrictKlatt Elementary
Anchorage School DistrictLake Otis Elementary
Anchorage School DistrictMountan View Elementary
Anchorage School DistrictMuldoon Elementary
Anchorage School DistrictNorth Star Elementary
Anchorage School DistrictOrion Elementary School
Anchorage School DistrictUrsa Major Elementary
Anchorage School DistrictUrsa Minor Elementary
Annette Island School DistrictCharles R. Leask Sr. Middle School
Annette Island School DistrictMetlakatla High School
Annette Island School DistrictRichard Johnson Elementary
Bering Strait School DistrictAniguiin School
Bering Strait School DistrictAnthony A. Andrews School
Bering Strait School DistrictBrevig Mission School
Bering Strait School DistrictGambell School
Bering Strait School DistrictHogarth Kingeekuk Sr. Memorial School
Bering Strait School DistrictJames C. Isabell School
Bering Strait School DistrictKoyuk-Malimiut School
Bering Strait School DistrictShaktoolik School
Bering Strait School DistrictShishmaref School
Bering Strait School DistrictTukurngailnguq School
Bering Strait School DistrictUnalakleet School
Bering Strait School DistrictWales School
Bering Strait School DistrictWhite Mountain School
Bristol Bay Borough School DistrictBristol Bay Middle/High School
Bristol Bay Borough School DistrictNaknek Elementary
Chatham School DistrictAngoon School
Copper River School DistrictGlennallen Elementary
Cordova City School DistrictCordova Jr/Sr High School
Cordova City School DistrictMt. Eccles Elementary
Craig City School DistrictCraig Elementary
Craig City School DistrictCraig High School
Craig City School DistrictCraig Middle School
Delta Greely School DistrictDelta Juction Elementary
Delta Greely School DistrictDelta Junction Junior High School
Delta Greely School DistrictDelta Junction Senior High School
Dillingham City School DistrictDillingham Elementary
Dillingham City School DistrictDillingham Middle/High School
Galena City School DistrictGalena Interior Learning Academy (GILA)
Haines Borough School DistrictHaines Elementary
Haines Borough School DistrictHaines High School
Hoonah City School DistrictHoonah City School
Juneau Borough School DistrictAuke Bay Elementary
Juneau Borough School DistrictDzantik’i Heeni Middle School
Juneau Borough School DistrictFloyd Dryden Middle School
Juneau Borough School DistrictHarborview Elementary
Juneau Borough School DistrictSayeik: Gastineau Community School
Juneau Borough School DistrictSit’ Eeti Shaanax – Glacier Valley School
Kenai Peninsula Borough School DistrictNanwalek School
Kenai Peninsula Borough School DistrictSusan B English School
Valdez City School DistrictGeorge H. Gilson Middle School
Valdez City School DistrictHermon Hutchens Elementary
Valdez City School DistrictValdez High School
Yukon Koyukuk School DistrictAndrew K Demoski School
Yukon Koyukuk School DistrictElla B. Vernetti School
Yukon Koyukuk School DistrictJimmy Huntington School
Yukon Koyukuk School DistrictKaltag School
Yukon Koyukuk School DistrictMerreline A Kangas School
Yukon Koyukuk School DistrictMinto School
Yukon Koyukuk School DistrictRampart School
Yupiit School DistrictAkiachak School
Yupiit School DistrictAkiak School
Yupiit School DistrictTuluksak School

There is no P-EBT application or form to fill out this time (for the 2020-21 school year). Eligible families will automatically be issued benefits. There will be two rounds of benefit payments (for first and second semester) and the we will update this information when there are target dates for the first round. Eligible families will receive a new P-EBT card in the mail in each child’s name. P-EBT benefits will NOT be loaded onto SNAP Quest cards, like they did in the first spring 2020 distribution.

Families qualify for P-EBT if they:

Received free or reduced-price meals under the National School Lunch Program -OR-

Attended a school where every student gets normally gets free meals through Community Eligibility Provision (CEP). To see if your school normally offers free school meals through CEP click here.

-AND- Attended a school that transitioned into remote learning as a result of COVID-19.

Some children under 6 will qualify for P-EBT if they are in SNAP households and were living in zip codes affected by school closures or reduced capacity.

P-EBT has been extended through the summer of 2021, and will be available to all children who were eligible to receive free or reduced price meals during that school year. This includes school children who received P-EBT benefits during the school year and those who were eligible for free or reduced price school meals but did not receive P-EBT benefits in the last month of the school year because they attended school in person and had access to a meal service at school.

See the State of Alaska’s Frequently Asked Questions for more information on the upcoming round of P-EBT benefits.

We will update this page with more information as program details are confirmed. If you would like to receive these updates via email, please submit your information below:

This page will continue to be updated with the latest information as it is made available.