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To be the best possible stewards of our staff resources, we are not able to deliver or pick up barrels. Our barrels are 32 gallons and hold about 100 pounds of food. Also, DO NOT cover up the Food Bank of Alaska logo if you have a food drive poster. We ask that you place your poster next to our logo, and that you remove your poster before returning the barrel and donated food. Thank you.

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The most successful food drives typically last 2-3 weeks. If you plan to host a longer drive, please contact our Food Donation and Inventory Control Coordinator, Leo Artola at 907-222-3122, as we have a limited number of donation barrels.
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What date do you plan to pickup the barrels from Food Bank of Alaska? We are open Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm. If you need pickup assistance, please contact Leo Artola at 907-222-3122.
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If you need delivery assistance, please contact Leo Artola at 907-222-3122.

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We’d love to know who we can thank for hosting this food drive.
Please remember to tag Food Bank of Alaska on anything you post on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. We’d love reshare it! Thank you!



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