Meet Edna

Many of our senior citizens struggle with food insecurities on an ongoing basis. Some seniors not only have to worry about where their next meal would be coming from, but also about where their children and grandchildren’s next meal will be coming from.

Edna is a 73-year-old grandmother who utilizes the different food options available to her to help put food on the table for herself and her grandchildren. It’s important to her to feed her grandchildren nutritious meals, which is why she depends on receiving her monthly CSFP (U.S. Department of Agriculture Commodity Supplemental Food Program) Senior Box and going to Food Bank of Alaska’s Mobile Food Pantry each week.

“If we didn’t have things like the mobile food pantry and the senior boxes, I would be in trouble,” said Edna. “The 19 dollars I receive in food stamps doesn’t buy much, so coming to the food pantry and receiving the senior box helps me out. I’m able to give the children milk and cereal. Those programs help me out a lot. It’s a blessing to me. Having fresh fruits and vegetables helps me have healthier meals for the kids and I don’t have to worry about them being hungry – that’s the best thing.”

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