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What does a food bank do if the warehouse you’ve occupied for 25 years is way too small for the job? If you’re Food Bank of Alaska and your goal is more food to more Alaskan communities, you launch the Nourish Alaska’s Future capital campaign for a bigger, better-equipped warehouse. That’s just what we did.

Then COVID-19 hit, and the explosive need of our fellow Alaskans for help to feed themselves and their families made it obvious that we did not have enough warehouse capacity for our important role in the state’s emergency response infrastructure.

Now, generous businesses, foundations, and individual Alaskans have brought us almost to our fundraising goal, and we have purchased a bigger warehouse. We are remodeling and equipping the larger facility and need your help to boost our Nourish Alaska’s Future capital campaign over the top. 

After 25 years, our current warehouse (pictured) is too small for the need. We distributed 11 million pounds of food in 2020.

Call to Action

Will you help us raise $500,000 and finish this capital project this spring? If you are able, please consider making a special donation. We hope you will share your belief that no one should go hungry with your network of friends, family, and co-workers.

Ask them to add their networks to the cause or join in a Facebook fundraiser. This page includes tools and information for sharing your commitment to close the meal gap in Alaska – now and for the next generation

Karla Jutzi, Donor Relations & Capital Campaign Manager, or call 907-222-3112

Ways you can help

Alaskans get things done when it’s important – like turning the vision that no one should go hungry into reality. There are many ways you can help

Please share any information you find on this page. Share Food Bank of Alaska’s social media posts from Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

If you are able, please consider making a special donation to the Nourish Alaska’s Future capital project, through the Donate button on this page or by mailing a check. Please note on your check if your gift is for the capital campaign.  

What about creating a Facebook fundraiser to ask your friends to join with you to support this project? Here’s how in Four Easy Steps. Please use the words Capital Campaign or Nourish Alaska’s Future when you name your fundraiser.

The Ask Your Network! link below includes step-by-step advice for creating an email appeal as well as bullet points about the need for this project and the impact your support can have. You can make the difference for Alaskans and their families, so they can focus on a better future, not just on finding their next meal.

Thank you!

Check out and share these links

Campaign Toolkit
Ask your network! Hints to host a Facebook Fundraiser or send an email.
A letter from our CEO and Board President
1-page campaign explainer
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Major Donors

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